I wasn’t suffering any major symptoms when I went to see Dr. Collins. But I’m happy I did. My thyroid was underperforming as evidenced by blood tests performed by my family doctor. After doing my own research I knew that I needed to supplement with thyroid hormone, and was convinced that bioidentical hormone was the right choice for me. Unfortunately, I knew that my family doctor would insist on a synthetic. My research showed that most doctors today prescribe only synthetics. I looked for bioidentical friendly doctors and discovered that Dr. Collins is all about bioidentical whenever possible. And I was thrilled to find that he was conveniently located near my home. I’m now happy to say that not only are my thyroid hormones where they should be, but my other major hormones are at youthful levels as they should be. And, now approaching 70 years young, I’m feeling great! Dr. Collins is, without any doubt, the most caring doctor I’ve ever met with. It’s always my pleasure to visit with him as we work together on my road back to a healthier, youthful self.